Text Box: NEW: You will notice that this site has a new logo.  It seems Frank Williams had his undies in a bunch because I used his ‘official’ Judiciary Logo.   It appears that he is more interested in a Logo than his subversion of Justice. So… I came up with one that I thought was much more appropriate for the actions and rulings of  ‘his’ Court.  I hope he likes it.  
Text Box: Did Frank Williams Really Sell His Soul and Compromise His Integrity to Protect His Pension and New Courthouse? 
In June 2004, Frank Williams commented that “The suggestion that the judiciary 
and a supreme court justice would "cut deals" with lawyer/legislators who vote in 
favor of our budget is inflammatory and without any factual basis.”  Oh, Really?
Update (3-27-2012): Just to let everyone know what these 'exemplary' citizens are currently up to, or would one consider this the 'rewards' of corruption?  
Joseph Montalbano cried and pleaded for a Judgeship and was 'rewarded' a Magistrate position by Chief Justice Jeanne E. LaFazia.  Montalbano, a North Providence Democrat, was seeking a judgeship was one of Rhode Island’s worst-kept secrets. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Montalbano is a good lawyer and was well-liked at the State House, but his appointment will surely raise eyebrows because 20 applicants applied for the post. Montalbano was a law partner of LaFazia's husband George Mason and will earn $136,000.
Former Sen. Stephen D. Alves, after waiting the prerequisite year after leaving office, became a Lobbyist representing Care New England, Bank of America, and Visa, amongst others (so much for their doing 'due diligence') .  He is estimated to be earning over  $300,000...  Not bad for a 'Weasel'.
After all these 'rewards', one has to wonder whatever happened to the 'investigations' that encompassed these fine individuals?
Maybe it's about time that US Attorney Peter Nerhona, and Attorney General Peter Kilmartin get off their collective asses and do something or did Alves and Montalbano  'OUTSMART them?  If you have any questions, I recommend you 'Google' any of the following items and form your own opinion.  How many millions have been spent?
FBI Investigates A. Duie Pyle Tax Bill Demise 
Alves Case Generates Grand Jury Subpoenas 
Investigators Question $100,000 UBS Payoff For Pension Fund Work 
FBI Investigates Tobacco Settlement Money to UBS 
FBI Subpoenas West Warwick documents in Montalbano Investigation 
Operation Dollar Bill (they did imprison a plastic bag salesman and a lawn mower repairman) 
SEC Investigation of Cole Properties Investment 
And the newest scandal... The Rhode Island International Sports Institute
Let's Examine the Facts in this Case...
This Web Site went live on February 15, 2008, a full two weeks after we witnessed 
the most abhorrent behavior imaginable from the RI Supreme Court bench.  For on 
6 February, 2008, Four Supreme Court Justices; Williams, McKenna-Goldberg, Suttell, and Robinson, in our opinion, forever solidified the public perception that RI is, as Lincoln Steffins so aptly described us over a century ago, “A state for sale!”
Justice Frank Flaherty, being previously linked to one of Alves’ devious Pension Schemes during the closing days of his administration as Mayor of Warwick, had enough sense to recuse himself from this travesty.  Although we requested a fifth Justice, preferably ex-Justice Joseph Weisberger, who we know to be above reproach, Frank Williams refused to grant that request.  Obviously Williams knew that Weisberger could not be bought, nor would he betray the public trust.
How did we know how these Deities were going to rule... Simple.  Chief Justice Williams has petitioned the General Assembly not to cut his budget as Gov. Carcieri had requested.  Most importantly he was deeply concerned that the General Assembly 
would enact Pension Reforms that would seriously affect Judicial Pensions. 
Sen. Alves had made it widely known that he was displeased with their previous ruling that favored 'The Palazzos' and had ultimately cost him $35,000.  How dare they ruffle his feathers... Again. 
Obviously some 'Deals Had Been Cut' between Alves and Williams.  You know how the system works in Rhode Island... You scratch my back and I will scratch yours.  Alves and Williams both had extremely itchy backs.
An example of the obnoxious behavior which I previously mentioned was Maureen McKenna-Goldberg's comment that perhaps Sen. Alves had been traumatized enough and should pursue recovering the money that it cost him in defending himself from us.   What about the money it cost us in defending ourselves from him?  She conveniently overlooked that part of the equation.
Not to belabor the issue... BUT... Does anyone realize that these Deities have effectively re-written over 60% of RI Civil procedure in trying to make Alves come out a winner?  Justice be damned... We want our pensions left intact and we need a new Courthouse!
Perhaps it is time to renovate the Supreme Court Chambers in order to reflect Justice under Chief Justice Williams.  Above the bench are inscribed the words - “Non Sub Homine Sed Deo et Legge”, i.e. “Not under Man but under God and the Law”.   Considering the actions of the RI Supreme Court relative to this case, I think
it might be more appropriate that it be changed to “What’s In It For Us?” 
What I find amazing is the fact that the Kent County Daily Times, a newspaper in
Alves’ hometown, knew the Court’s ruling BEFORE our attorneys received the information.   Hmmm…   I smell a Rat.
Update (4-11-2008):  I just read that two weeks after the Supreme Court let Sen. Alves off the hook in a lawsuit, Justice Williams and Sen. Montalbano cooked up a scheme to build the new Courthouse for $17,000,000 more than was previously requested and despite the fact that he publicly stated it would be DELAYED due to the bleak financial picture of the state.
Update (6-12-2008):  The state Legislature just released the new budget… The Judiciary received a $17,000,000 increase and another $2,400,000 for ‘miscellaneous expenses’.  The $17,000,000 was taken from RI colleges and universities, and $2,400,000 from the RI Scholarship Fund.   The children of our state will suffer, but the Judiciary is sitting pretty.     Nice work, Frank.
Who are the people that approve the financial decisions for the state?  Why none other than Rep. Costantino and Sen. Alves.  Gee… What a co-incidence.
It appears that the Palazzo’s aren't the only ones to get screwed by Williams.  This time he put it to the entire state.
God Help us all!                                        
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