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Text Box: Best known for surreptitious dealings in the Municipal Pension Arena and has a somewhat checkered past dating to 1990.  He is a known associate of such convicted financial hoodlums such as ex-Mayor Brian Sarrault and Todd LaScolla.
He was connected to Justice Flaherty when a 2 million dollar municipal investment deal was passed to Alves on Flaherty’s last day in office. Flaherty later publicly lied about it during a televised debate with former Gov. Bruce Sundlun.    Infamous Quote:  “Frank has enough money to start building his Courthouse… He may not  have enough to finish it.”
How did Alves know how the Supreme Court ruled 'BEFORE' it was announced....Hmmm.
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Text Box: Best known for spending more time in the General Assembly than most Legislators. Frank is quoted in the June 18, 2004 ProJo:  - “The Mission of the Judiciary has been and continues to be the administration of justice with honor for all Rhode Islanders.” ,“….. I feel obligated to address what I believe is an unfair cynicism promulgated by The Journal…. The suggestion that the judiciary and a Supreme Court justice would "cut deals" with lawyer/legislators who vote in favor of our budget is inflammatory and without any factual basis. 
(Not from where I’m sitting, Frank...   Looks like you'll be getting your new Courthouse after all.)
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Text Box: “A Disgrace to Rhode Island”…  Ed Achorn, Projo Editorial

Text Box: Best known for his infamous proclamation when queried by the Press as to what he was going to do with Sen. Alves for waging Legal Jihad against two outspoken critical constituents…. "Steve Alves is a 'Friend' of mine". 
I guess he also doesn’t believe in Free Speech’
What he conveniently 'Forgot' to mention was that his 'Friend' Alves had steered nearly $105,000 of West Warwick money to him for doing 'Title Work' for the town and the Harrah's Casino Project.
He later tried to 'Gut' the Ethics Commission for filing an Ethics Complaint against him by daring to take the complaint to the Supreme Court.  He later acquiesced and paid a $12,000 fine, one of the largest in Rhode Island history.
Why is he involved?  Because he allowed Alves to use his position as a 'Bully Pulpit' to 'fix' his sham case by threatening our attorneys and wreaking havoc with the judicial process.
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 I Couldn't Make This Stuff Up...
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